It’s easy to miss a little Indiana article here and there. I do update every day! But have no fear, the weekly recap is here!

What an amazing week! The rough cut for the little Indiana pilot episode pitch is DONE–take a look at it in the link below. Is that exciting or is that exciting? I had a chance to play and chatter with the neighbors at our annual neighborhood block party and circus. That’s a guaranteed good time! I scoped out the courthouse of the first electrically lighted city in the US and visited a Hoosier destination since 1845–and that’s not all!

If you think this week was amazing, just wait until next week.

little Indiana Weekly Recap

Beasley's Orchard: Danville, Indiana

Beasley's Orchard: Danville, Indiana

Annual Neighborhood Circus and Block Party 2012 VIDEO — The circus! The circus! I love the circus! Especially when it’s in my own backyard. Every year, the grandkids of a neighbor gather together from around the world (seriously, they live around the world) and put on a fabulous circus show!

Wakarusa, Indiana: Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail — The Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail are a symbol that represent the community. From the damaging effects of a late-season 2007 tornado in Nappanee to celebrating a cultural heritage found in the Amish and Potawatomie Indians, the first settlers of the area, to the “hat tip” found in the garden of Middlebury (appreciation for the many volunteers who make it all possible), the Quilt Gardens create the ties that bind a community together.

Indiana Apple Orchard: Beasley’s Orchard in Danville, Indiana — Beasley’s Orchard in Danville, Indiana is a sprawling orchard and farm stand.

4 S’Mores Themed Recipes You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into — From cool refrigerator pie to slow cooker dip, there’s a nice bit of S’mores variety in this handful of recipes. Enjoy these easy S’mores recipes that turn S’mores from ordinary campfire treat to amazing dessert!

Best Dessert Recipes: Blueberry Lemon Bars — I’m not sure what possessed me to make this flavorful twist on Blueberry Bars (no chocolate?), but the taste of lemon, though subtle, adds a lot of flavor to this Blueberry Lemon Bars recipe! I wish I could have shared these with my grandma. She would have loved them!

little Indiana ROUGH CUT for Pilot Episode Pitch: Wabash, Indiana — JBH Productions teamed up to create what we know would be a great tv series. Who doesn’t want to know more about their own backyard–and who better to tell that story?

French Lick Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana — French Lick Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana is just as bustling with activity and fun as it was when it began: back in 1845! It’s funny to think that this resort got its start as “America’s greatest laxative” but there it is. Say what? It’s also where tomato juice was invented. They have more than a few claims to fame.

Wabash County Courthouse: Wabash, Indiana — In 1880, a crowd excitedly gathered at the Wabash County Courthouse. It was official: Wabash became the first electrically lighted city in the world!

Miami County Museum Images from Peru, Indiana — When you get to the second floor of the Miami County Museum in Peru, Indiana and stroll past the working orchestrion, you’ve got to check out the glass case in the old “downtown.” Standing inside this case lie quite a few curiosities, one of which includes a two-headed calf! Creepy! Scroll down for a peek at that one.

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