Bell Upholstery and The Corner Oak in Hagerstown, Indiana

Bell Upholstery and The Corner Oak in Hagerstown, Indiana

You don’t run into unique buildings like the one that holds Bell Upholstery and The Corner Oak in Hagerstown, Indiana every day!

This two in one Wayne County upholstery and gift shop is big on character.

Bell Upholstery in Hagerstown, Indiana

Lacking the domestic abilities that require the use of needle and thread (or sewing machine and thread as the case may be), I am nevertheless completely fascinated by what folks can accomplish given enough time.

You may remember my sewing woes from a previous article. Anyway, Bell Upholstery is just a great little shop!

Connected to The Corner Oak, this Indiana town mom and pop shop has your bases covered when it comes to wood furniture and gifts. The walls are just full of cute prints.

Hagerstown, Indiana Upholstery Shop

Bell Upholstery: Hagerstown, Indiana

Bell Upholstery: Hagerstown, Indiana

Owner Susan Bell had an upholstery business out of her home for 20 years–and has been in her current location since 2000, branching out again in 2003.

Poking around  her upholstery shop (and kinda sorta feeling like I shouldn’t be there) was so much fun! There’s projects in various states of completion, fabric samples in little books nestled along a low shelf, and sewing machines.

There was beautiful, beautiful furniture just waiting for a makeover. Neat!

This dual purpose is kind of fitting, too, since this building has been host to a boarding house, an Indiana antique shop, a shoe store, a tea room, and a few other things in it’s long history.

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Bell Upholstery in Hagerstown, Indiana

Bell Upholstery in Hagerstown, Indiana

Hey, if you need furniture or a gift item, you are still in the right place. How’s that for convenient?

Remember to step outside and gawk at the outside of this awesome building. I just love that window! They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

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Bell Upholstery & The Corner Oak
81 East Main Street
Hagerstown, Indiana 47346

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