Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

If you thought that dollhouse miniatures could only be found in the big city, you haven’t been to Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana.

Since 1992, Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures has kept this Indiana town (and beyond) well-stocked in all things detailed and tiny!

Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

Tall glass cases line the walls and dot the Morgan County store. Inside are what seems like endless groupings: living room furniture, bedroom furniture, even the dolls themselves. With 20,000 items in stock, Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures is full of things to see!

Don’t forget to check out the line of shorter glass cases. A push of the button let’s you browse through so many accessories. From croissants to cleaning supplies, board games to fishing poles–several are even crafted by Indiana artists! Kid #1 loved browsing through the tiny items.

Near the center of the shop lie dollhouses already put together–and just waiting for furnishings and accessories! They are so gorgeous! Victorian homes with lots of detail abound as do one of my new favorite things: Diagon Alley!

This Harry Potter location makes such a neat dollhouse–and only took three years of work! Kidding aside, owner Cheryl Ufnowski said that she will be decorating Diagon Alley for Halloween soon. Can you imagine how amazing that will look? It makes me want to go back and play!

Morgantown, Indiana Dollhouse Miniatures Shop

Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

Dollhouses aren’t just for kids! It’s a very big adult hobby for the super creative! They hold a special place in my heart as well.

Before I was born, my paternal grandpa got to work making a dollhouse for me. I know that it took years before it was done. But then, maybe when I was around four years old, I got to play with it! It was taller than me, pink, white, and amazing.

My dollhouse, more than four feet tall and probably as wide, was later destroyed by my parents’ dog.

So, I do have a soft spot for dollhouses. But let me tell you this–Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures is impressive! With so much product in store, it is easily one of the largest dollhouse shops in the Midwest!

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Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana

Here you thought you had to hop online or venture to the big bad city to find your dollhouse supplies! The holidays are approaching–but Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana is great year-round.

Boy or girl, you’ll find something for the little ones in your life and even your hobby-loving grown-up friends. What an incredible Indiana dollhouse miniatures shop!

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Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures
69 West Washington Street
Morgantown, Indiana 46160

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