We had the chance to get up close and personal with the alpaca herd at Whispering Pines Alpaca in Nashville, Indiana. Here at this Brown County alpaca farm, you can hand feed these big eyed beauties.

Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm in Nashville, Indiana

Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm in Nashville, Indiana

Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm in Nashville, Indiana

Owner Bill Schnackel was waiting for us as we pulled up the long tree-lined driveway. This is Brown County. As we made our way to the fenced in area where the alpaca are kept, I could see heads turn.

Almost at the same time the alpaca females seemed to realize that it was snack time. They definitely know what it means when people stop at the gate. But we didn’t stop for long–at this Indiana alpaca farm, we got to step inside with the alpaca.

Bill passed around cups of food so the boys (and my husband) could feed these soft, adorable animals. As picture-taker, I had to keep my hands free of snacks. I’m not sure who was more excited: our boys for having the chance to feed the alpaca or the alpaca for having a nice little snack time.

Nashville, Indiana Alpaca Farm

Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm in Nashville, Indiana

Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm in Nashville, Indiana

Here at Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm, the boys and girls are kept apart. Otherwise, as Bill says, there would be babies all over the place. They can still see each other. Apparently alpacas are so social that they can die from depression if kept away from the herd.

They look so cute with those big eyes and foofy hair. However–they are also a bit skittish around strangers. They are totally fine with eating out of your hand but if you try to pet their backs or the top of their heads? Not so much.

But that’s okay. As you can see, the alpaca couldn’t seem to resist the scent of Kid #2 and his little three year old head. They kept coming up and sniffing him and then kept a safe (preschooler’s) arm length away. Perhaps they aren’t so empty-headed after all.

One curious gal was brave enough to nibble at my jacket. But I gave them all a bit of a startle when I popped my lens cap on with a slight click. They scattered. But not for long. After they figured out that there wasn’t any real danger, they hurried right back to see if we had any more treats.

With such a cute face and gentle personality, how can you possibly refuse? But there’s more to these llama cousins than that–their fleece makes amazing products.

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Things to Do in Nashville, IndianaI haven’t even shared about the neat alpaca products for sale here at this Brown County alpaca farm. You’ll want to keep watch for that one for sure.

Whispering Pines Alpaca  Farm in Nashville, Indiana is an incredible place to spend a few hours. Bill also shared that a special needs child was treated particularly well by the alpaca who flocked over to see him. It is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a real memory-maker. This is an amazing and unique Indiana attraction.

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Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm
Owners Bill and like to give a personalized tour. Please call ahead to schedule a visit and get directions.
Nashville, IN 47448

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