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Frank O’Bannon Memorial in Corydon, Indiana: An Inspiration

Frank O' Bannon Memorial in Corydon, Indiana
Frank O’ Bannon Memorial in Corydon, Indiana
Every so often, you’ll find something in your travels around little Indiana that will so completely fill you with joy it catches you off-guard.

I found it in Corydon, Indiana in the memorial to Frank O’Bannon–and no, this is not an article about politics.

Frank O’Bannon Memorial in Corydon, Indiana

You see, Frank O’Bannon was from Corydon, and a newspaper reporter in the town before he was ever governor. He was the small town guy who made it big–but didn’t severe his small Indiana town roots.

It’s not the lifelike replica. It’s not the sheer size of it all. It’s the statement on the flip-side.

The wording of this memorial was so…inspiring! It is heartfelt and kind and a classic example of Hoosier community. Well, I just really enjoy it and I hope you will, too. Here’s what it says:

Indiana’s First State Capitol was ever present in Frank O’Bannon’s life. It helped to form the leader he was to become.

Inspired and guided by family and community, he used the talents he found within himself to meet the responsibilities and opportunities that arose.

He truly was a son of Corydon and a product of his heritage. A heritage that we honor with this memorial.

Within all of us are skills and talents that can provide leadership in our world today. Like Frank O’Bannon, we are each unique beings yet share the common characteristic of all mankind.

Just as our ancestors with their communities helped shape us, so will we leave our fingerprints on the world that future generations inherit.

This memorial should inspire each of us to ask: What am I leaving for those who will follow?

Linger here in this special place and ponder the influences in your life.

Then, take your unique gifts and needs, add them to the mix of life, and know that with these exchanges we are nourished.

There is no limit on where we can go when we go together. For it is in the sharing of experiences that we become a real community.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Frank O’Bannon Memorial
126 East Walnut Street
Corydon, Indiana 47112

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  1. I haven’t been to Corydon since I was a little girl, but since my dad was a history teacher, it was one of our early vacation trips. can’t wait to go back and take our girls.

  2. Jessica Nunemaker

    I didn’t know that! How fun! I just love that–Corydon is such a neat small town (as you know). 😉

  3. The life-sized statue on its stone bench is also inspiring: kids sit down next to him. Tourists love to take pictures of each other with him. And somebody — maybe more than one somebody — puts the occasional hat on him in bad weather or on special occasions. Frank always was part of Corydon, and he still is. :)

  4. This is really an inspirational memorial. Thanks for sharing….

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