D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana Exterior

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana Exterior

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana is one huge antique shop.

Located in pretty downtown Fairmount, this is an Indiana antique shop that is hard to leave! There is just so much here.

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana

From the outside, you can tell that D & M Variety Shop is going to be excellent. There are bold and bright tin signs that plaster the large front windows.

Chairs and tables and a few other odds and ends sit in clusters on the concrete along the front of the building. It’s appealingly arranged and makes you want to dive in. It’s not that it’s displayed in a fancy way like some home decor shops are famous for, it’s that you can see these clusters of interesting items calling to you right when you step into the front door.

Now this is when it really gets fun. There are things inside this Indiana town shop that I have never seen in such abundance!

Indiana Antique Shop

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana Vintage Letter Jackets

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana Vintage Letter Jackets

Yes, there are your typical furnishings and vintage books at this Grant County antique shop. But then there’s also a big section of comic books and board games and toys in general. That was a fun section to look through although they are tucked into different parts of the spacious shop as well.

Have you ever wanted a letter jacket? D & M Variety Shop has so many! There were just a ton of vintage letter jackets in all sizes and colors. Yearbooks, too! I think it would be fun to take a little time and flip through them. It would be neat if some of them were signed, don’t you think?

Shelves of vintage linens, dishware, hats, and milkshake cups. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many milkshake mixers as I did at this Indiana antique shop! Pewter items, salt and pepper shakers, well, there’s a lot to sift through.

I personally enjoyed the shelf of vintage cameras! There was such a great variety of those retro cameras. I could easily have brought home a few. Really, I probably should have.

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D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana

D & M Variety Shop in Fairmount, Indiana

For a fantastic browsing experience, you will certainly love poking around inside D & M Variety Shop!

This is not the type of shop you can run through in 15 minutes. You’ll need to allow yourself plenty of time because I can almost guarantee that once you step inside you won’t want to leave.

I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

D & M Variety Shop
124 S Main Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928

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