The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana

The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana has yarns in a variety of shades and textures. You will love the available assortment and the help of the friendly owner.

I can’t sew and I can’t knit (yet!) but I sure enjoyed browsing around The Loft yarn store in Bremen, Indiana.

In business for just a little under a decade, getting to the Loft yarn store is delightful. You’ll enjoy a nice country drive heading to this Marshall County shop.

The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana

The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana

The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana Basket of Knitting is inviting and lovely. Just like everything else inside this northern Indiana knit shop.

This is just a beautiful, beautiful yarn shop. When you walk in the door to the garage turned studio, follow the sign upstairs to the bright and spacious knitter’s destination.

Shelves and baskets and cubbies and all sorts of fun little nooks contain oodles of yarn in so many colors and textures. Everything is irresistibly arranged. There are finished works situated next to particular kinds of yarn to give you an idea of what you can do with it. It’s impressive. and new products in all the time,

Best of all, the inventory changes. You will find new products hitting the shelves and making their way in the baskets or cubbies all the time. As a knitter, she can’t resist a great yarn and is eager to share it with her customers.

As she writes on her Facebook Page (link below):

We love to have you stop. If we are home… we are open. Don’t feel as though you are imposing. We love to have customers stop in. If you are traveling a long way just give us a call first to see if we are open. If we are nearby, we will make it a point to be home for you. That’s the way we roll! We meet the first Wednesday of the month for Stitchers Café from 6-8:00 Join us!

Bremen, Indiana Knitting Store

The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana

The Loft Yarn Store in Bremen, Indiana Exterior makes what could have been a ho-hum garage locale into an amazing loft addition that’s anything but boring.

Have I yet said how gorgeous this shop is? You would never think that anything located above a garage could turn out so cozy, but there it is. Everything about it is comfortable and welcoming. It’s an inviting place with the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to sit down and stick around for awhile.

That’s a good characteristic to have because at the Loft in Bremen it’s not only about selling knitting and crocheting supplies, it’s also about community.

Each week you will find a variety of unique workshops for crocheters and knitters. Past meetups have included a Christian fellowship knitting and crocheting morning class, a retired teacher’s class, a crocheted market or beach bag, and general knitting or crocheting nights for a little socializing, a little coffee, and maybe even a snack or two.

It’s a great way for a solitary activity to turn into a social hour. If you have ever wanted to learn, I can’t think of a better place to begin.

A Good Knitting Shop in Northern Indiana

As always, please call ahead. Anytime she is home, she will be open–unless it’s after 5 PM or on a Sunday. Definitely visit The Loft Studio in Bremen, Indiana for a fantastic selection of yarns, the high-quality supplies you need, inspirational ideas, and great conversation all right here in Northern Indiana.

To see the latest news and events, please visit the Loft in Bremen Facebook Page.

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The Loft Studio Yarn Store
4122 State Road 331 South
Bremen, Indiana 46506
The Loft in Bremen, Indiana is on Facebook

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