Red Star Pizza in Seymour, Indiana

Red Star Pizza in Seymour, Indiana

The Red Star Pizza Company in Seymour, Indiana is a family owned pizza parlor that you have got to try!

Once located downtown, this Jackson County pizza shop is enjoying its new digs in Village Center.

The Red Star Pizza Company in Seymour, Indiana

You can’t miss the menu. It’s a floor to ceiling chalkboard! It’s also fantastic! Pizza, sandwiches, dessert, drinks, a create your own salad, and appetizers offer plenty of choices.

Pizza varieties include the CBR: chicken, bacon, ranch, green peppers, onions; EPIC!: a loaded mix of cheese-covered pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, bacon, ham, tomatoes, banana peppers, and black olives; and the Pineapple Express: ham, pineapple, and green peppers in every cheesy bite.

We decided to try two different kinds so the boys could have their own and my husband, Jeremiah, and I could have our own. The boys decided on the Carnivore, a meaty blend of bacon, beef, ham, pepperoni, and sausage. Jeremy and I opted for the Buffalo Nickel, a blend of Franks Red Hot sauce,chicken, and plenty of cheese! It was so incredibly good–hot out of the oven or cold right out of the fridge the next day!

Seriously, this homemade crust is so incredible. The Chicago-style pizzas just don’t get any better than this!

Seymour, Indiana Pizza Parlor

Red Star Pizza in Seymour, Indiana

Red Star Pizza in Seymour, Indiana

Whatever pizza you get, make sure you throw in an order of breadsticks! Made from scratch, these are so incredible. They are, quite honestly, some of the best breadsticks we have ever had! Served with your choice of sauces, they are unbelievably soft.

They’ve got it all figured out. The dough begins with filtered water. It, too, is made fresh daily.

As true pizza lovers, they test out new pizzas, offer up fun giveaways, and flash sales. Red Star Pizza will keep you in pizza heaven–and eagerly awaiting your next visit!

See the wall of portraits and other photos? It would be hard to miss! That’s not just random people, but the family. Just one of the perks of an independent pizzeria: that personal touch.

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The Red Star Pizza Company in Seymour, Indiana

Red Star Pizza in Seymour, Indiana

The Red Star Pizza Company in Seymour features carry out and delivery, as well as inside seating. With fresh dough made daily, it’s a difference you can taste!

As always, please call ahead before rushing out the door.

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Red Star Pizza
1515 E Tipton St
Seymour, Indiana 47274

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