Little Indiana Book Cover

Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations Book Cover

Have you been wondering where to find great, current books from Indiana authors or that feature an  Indiana theme?

I’ve made this easy for you. If you, like me, love to learn more about our state or just enjoying supporting those local authors, I’ve made a list. Here’s a wide-ranging selection of Indiana authors or books with an Indiana theme.

This may shock you but: I like to keep an Amazon Wish List full of things I’m interested in that I can carry with me every time I venture inside of a mom and pop shop. Yes, you may buy these from the publisher or, the next visit you make to a small town or big city bookstore, you might just find the titles and authors listed below.

In a fun stroke of luck, be sure to check antique shops as well. You just never know.

Give the Gift of Indiana 

The beauty of it is that I no longer have to remember where I hid a list–or even remember to bring it with me. My beautiful LG G3 smartphone (courtesy of Verizon Wireless) has an Amazon page built right in. No matter what small town I am in, I can easily access the items I want through my Amazon Wish List to help jog my memory. It’s oh so simple.

Simply log in or create an Amazon account. Then, when there’s an item you want, click on the button on the right of the screen labeled “Add to Wish List.” From there, create a new Wish List with a title such as “Indiana Authors” or “Books about Indiana.” Select if you want to make your list public or private and your item will be added to the list. See how easy that was?

My book:

(affiliate link)Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations, pictured above has been published by Indiana University Press and is available wherever books are sold, including online and offline bookstores and large sites like Yes, I am including a link below for those who are curious.

Where to Find Books about Indiana

You can find Indiana themed books at a surprising number of places. Of course, the same goes for Indiana authors.

Bookstores aren’t the only places that carry these titles! Museum gift shops, toy stores, and even home decor businesses often have sections that contain books and authors just like those featured below. See how easy it is to shop locally? Those family owned places love to support their local authors. It’s all about building community, something they typically do very well.

These are Amazon Affiliate links. If you click on these links, I will get a (very) small kickback. Any proceeds go toward the expensive hosting bill I receive each month to keep Little Indiana running smoothly.  

Indiana Books to Give and Get





Books by Indiana Authors




Good Current Books By Hoosier Authors to Know

Learn about the place you live and maybe even see it in a different light, thanks to the Hoosier authors above. Enjoy the works of fiction in a variety of genres by some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

I appreciate the author suggestions that several of you have sent in. I am currently only looking for newer works by Indiana authors who are still alive or books about subjects that have been published in the not too distant future. Yes, I know that I have left a few favorites off this list. Stay tuned for a new list of classic Hoosier authors and books. Until then…

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that Llittle Indiana sent you.