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Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana

There are certain kinds of small businesses out there that can appeal to almost everyone–and that would be the type of category that fits Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana!

Gorgeous yet comfortable, it is positively perfect in every way.

Furniture and Home Decor in Huntingburg

Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana Exterior
Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana Exterior
From the pops of color from the flowers to the vintage wood door propped up and used as a chalkboard sign to the pretty architectural flourishes, it is impossible not to get excited about going into Greentree! When you see an arrangement like that, you know that someone has got fantastic decorating skills so the inside will only get better!

When you walk into this corner shop, you will enter the women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry section of the store. There’s a very nice assortment.

The jewelry is beautiful and so varied. I love the way they have it organized! A large frame surrounding a large number of delightful dangling earrings is eye-candy of the best kind. This is only the beginning.

Local, regional, and international artists have handcrafted the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces you see before you. Keep moving along and you start to get into loads of home decor.

Who knew this shop would be so incredibly spacious? Room after room holds a matching selection of items to tempt any browser.

Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana 

Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana Jewelry by Local Artists
Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana Jewelry by Local Artists
Passing through the rooms, there’s a lot of fun and funky items for the home. If you love those wood signs, you can’t be this selection! Need clocks? Wow do they ever have them.

But it’s not all new items in this Dubois County shop. Oh, no! There’s a whole different sort of side to Greentree, one that is devoted to all things antique and furniture!

Can I say that this is my favorite part of Greentree? The clothing and home decor and everything is just marvelous but it’s the vintage things that find me reaching for my wallet the most. I don’t think I’m to blame. Who can resist this kind of setting?

Mismatched light fixtures for sale hang from the ceiling. Shelves might hold books or toys or vintage home decor. Rugs can be found here, too.

Go There

Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana
Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana
Still decorating your home with boring items from big box? Still wearing clothing found at the mall? Greentree in Huntingburg, Indiana would be a great first introduction to the power of shopping local! Support your towns, support your economy!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

330 E 4th Street
Huntingburg, Indiana 47542

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  1. Ohhh you make this place sound SO fabulous! I wanna go there haha

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