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Denise Austin’s Ten Week, 360 Plan

little Indiana received access to the 360 Plan in exchange for an honest review. My opinions remain mine and mine alone.

Denise Austin's Ten Week, 360 Plan
Denise Austin’s Ten Week, 360 Plan
Denise Austin has just released her new Ten week, 360 Plan, a comprehensive fitness program featuring workouts, recipes, motivational videos, and community support! This is one lady who has repeatedly been recognized for her fitness expertise. In fact, she’s even served on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports two times!

You aren’t going to do this one alone: I’m joining in, too! In just ten weeks you could lose up to 25 lbs. Care to join me? We can connect through the Ten Week, 360 Plan web portal and go through the program together! Commit by the end of January 2015 and receive a 25% off discount. Otherwise, the price is reasonable for what you get–it’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. Your health is worth that, right? I thought so.

Ten Week, 360 Plan

Denise Austin Ten Week 360 Plan Warmup Week
Denise Austin Ten Week 360 Plan Warm-up Week
Built around you, this comprehensive program is a combination of fitness videos, healthy recipes, twice-weekly motivational videos from Denise, and tips to stay on track. There are three levels to choose among, with an increase in intensity with each choice! Remember, this program has you working out for six days a week. Even Denise gives her body a break on Sunday. To keep your motivation high, the community forum lets everyone chit chat together to help keep each other goal-oriented.

Fortunately, you can switch around your levels to suit your needs. I love the idea of customizing how hard I am able to work out that day. If I’m battling a cold, for example, I probably don’t want to push myself as hard as normal but still get in my time. But do you want to know my favorite part of the Ten Week, 360 Plan? Participants have access to more than 100 of Denise Austin’s Lifetime TV show workouts!

If you don’t like the videos that are offered on a particular day of the week, it doesn’t matter. You can easily switch them out to something else. I’ve done other TV workouts in the past but I always ditch them because I get too bored. Not this time! The idea of not doing the same workout day after day for six days a week totally sealed the deal. She mixes things up! Cardio, barre, Pilates, yoga, dance, walking, and some other things I haven’t even heard of but saw while browsing my profile.

The same goes for the recipes. Oh, yes, I said recipes! There’s no one size fits all recipe plan like in other workout programs. Denise Austin’s Ten Week, 360 Plan lets users choose among Denise’s diet (a typical diet), vegetarian, or diabetic. There’s no excuse to not get in shape! The recipes are delicious-sounding healthy twists on favorite items like Chicken Caesar Salad and Apple Date Almond Muffins. I haven’t browsed anyw

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