Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana Exterior

Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana Exterior

Remember how I’ve mentioned over and over that small towns are often wonderful sources of local art–and the home of art galleries? The Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana is one more non-profit organization that other towns should model!

The Artisan Center has it all: art gallery, workshop space, and educational outreach.

Huntingburg, Indiana Art Gallery

Some small towns watch residents leave. They watch small businesses close. They. Do. Nothing. Other towns know that the key to avoid becoming a bedroom community is to make sure that there is a variety of things to do for residents of all ages. What better way to reach out to members of a community than with an art hub? A place that lets people express themselves and share their gifts with others. A place that can hold live music art showing but also with space for workshops.

It strives to provide accessibility. It  wants to reach across the types of art and connect them in one single place. I had the wonderful luck to tour The Artisan Center in Corydon before and after they opened, so I could really see the amount of work that went into it as well as the hopes and plans in place for the future. On my return visit, I was able to see those plans come to fruition.

The Harrison County Arts (HCA!) and The Artisan Center want to be a model arts organization. They want to set the example of what can happen with a lot of hard work, dedication, and a passion to inspire! With beautiful works of art in a slew of artistic forms, they’ve got the inspiring portion down-pat!

The Artisan Center in Corydon

Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana

Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana

Art can seem scary to some people. It makes sense: art is typically one of the first programs cut in schools. Those of us with art programs may never have had the freedom to explore and create on our own. Artists are so creative and clever that the rest of us muddling along, lacking the skills to properly draw a stick figure, might sometimes feel a bit insignificant. But not here.

One of the many goals of this Harrison County multi-purpose center is to provide educational resources. To show the public that anyone can do art! Sure, we may not all be able to craft wood walking canes like the above image, but there’s so many, many ways to do art! Photography, painting, jewelry, needlework, pottery…the list could go on and on.

The trick is to find what you fits your skill set (and what you want to learn). What interests you?

The Artisan Center has twenty-five artists ready to instruct you in their field. Learn from a professional! Try a one-on-one workshop or bring a gaggle of friends.

Go There

Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana

Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana

Resist the urge to zone out to one more mindless celebrity-ridden reality show this winter and instead learn a valuable new skill! Hey, I’ve picked up knitting this winter. If I can do it, YOU can do it! Anyone located near The Artisan Center in Corydon, Indiana should definitely give this a try! Support the work they are doing by making a donation right here.

For everyone else, look around where you live. Is there something like this non-profit organization where you live? Is there a local artist whose work you admire? See if s/he wouldn’t mind instructing you! You will never know if you don’t ask. Cross off that hobby from your bucket list–and gain not only a new skill but a new closeness to your community.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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The Artisan Center
117 E Chestnut Street
Corydon, IN 47112

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