The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Exterior

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Exterior

Burlington, Indiana is a town of just over 600 people. Yes, that reads “600” and not “6000!”

Why do people come from miles around to this tiny town? When the weather is warm, they can’t resist the call of The Burlington Scoop.

Ice Cream Treats and

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Serves Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream!

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Serves Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream!

The boys and I were on a trip, just the three of us. My husband was working again and couldn’t get away. So, we decided to include the small town ice cream parlor in our trip. We are always thrilled to find a new-to-us ice cream parlor to visit!

Decked out in red and white, it evokes that old fashioned ice cream parlor kind of feel. There’s plenty of seating inside and, even better, there’s loads of seating outside too. No matter the weather, visitors will easily find  somewhere to sit down and enjoy their order.

But what to order? The Burlington Scoop dishes out ice cream, of course, but they also had what they called “Drive-In Style,” you know, those burgers, pork tenderloin sandwiches, hot dogs (chili or cheese), and chicken or ham salad sandwiches. That’s kind of fun!

They even offer pizza! You know me and pizza. It’s my absolute favorite thing. Except for pork tenderloin sandwiches and a good burger. Oh, and ice cream, oh–and cheese fries! My list is long. While I would really like to try the pizza, the boys and I really wanted ice cream.

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Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Serves Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream!

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Serves Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream!

I noticed that they served Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream. I wasn’t familiar with that particular brand of hard pack ice cream, but I know that whenever a small business really advertises the brand they carry, there is probably a great story behind it! I wasn’t disappointed.

Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream got its start in Detroit in 1984. These brothers decided that they wanted to create really good ice cream.

There are no empty fillers like buttermilk powder or whey, just plenty of the “good stuff” (as they call it) in every bite! According to the Ashby’s website, “The first 8 flavors were manufactured and sold in February, 1985 in the Detroit area. The original flavors included: French Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Pecan, German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry, Mint Cookie, Praline-N-Pecan, and Chocolate Chips ‘N Chunks.” Now? There are more than SIXTY varieties offered by the company, some of them seasonally available.

Waffle cones were in order. Well, for me, anyway. The oldest filled his cake cone with Tiger Stripes, a really brightly colored orange ice cream containing chocolate cookie fudge and pretzel balls coated in white chocolate, as well as the Salty Jack, a creamy blend of caramel ice cream and butter-roasted peanuts. I also had the Bear Claw, a dark chocolate ice cream featuring a caramel swirl, and chocolate-coated cashews. The youngest opted for a bowl of ice cream instead (less mess). He was thrilled to find Superman. You know the one, the bright yellow, blue, and red ice cream that’s been a hit with kids for years.

Judging from the menu, there are certain flavors of Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream that are always available, or at least they are always listed on the menu. That list includes: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, moose tracks, banana pudding, orange pineapple, raspberry chip cheesecake, superman, mint chocolate chip, amaretto cherry, Tennessee toffee, play dough, and bear claws. Don’t forget, the rotation might switch around with seasonal varieties mixed in there as well.

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Of course, if you have your heart set on something, please call ahead. Things change, and things sell out, so rather than risk disappointment, make sure that it is in stock prior to your arrival.

Traditional Treats Too

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Interior

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Interior

Do you like options? Me too! They have a large wall menu near the register area. It’s easy to read and understand.

In addition to the food I previously mentioned, and the hard pack Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream, they also carry many flavors of soft serve! They had them all.

I saw flavors available such as amaretto, apricot, blue moon, cinnamon, cheesecake, coconut, caramel banana foster, eggnog, English toffee, Irish cream, Jamaican rum, lemon, orange, peanut butter, peach, pistachio, pumpkin pie, strawberry kiwi, tutti frutti, and vanilla cappucino.

Would you believe that I even left a few off of the list?

Using soft serve, they make quite a list of specialty sundaes. That list includes black forest: a brownie, hot fudge, and wild cherry topping sundae; earth worm: chocolate cookie pieces and gummy worms; S’more: hot fudge, marshmallow, and graham crackers; and turtle: hot fudge, caramel, and toasted pecans. They all use soft serve ice cream.

There’s slushies in a slew of flavors, and a nutty fudge parfait, as well as a banana split in your choice of soft serve or hard pack. You should know my opinion on that one: always go for the hard pack!

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It was a warm day. It was not the kind of Indiana hot that makes ice cream melt in three seconds, but somehow my oldest son managed to make the biggest mess with our ice cream cone! He hadn’t noticed that his cone had a hole in the bottom–so I had to chase him down with my camera to snap a pic of that catastrophe.

One step outta line and I am so publishing it on here! Or perhaps I will hold onto it until his teenage years…

Go There

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Serves Superman from Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream!

The Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana Serves Superman from Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream!

Are you in a huge hurry? Or, perhaps, just really impatient and hate having to wait? That’s not a problem at The Burlington Scoop! Simply call ahead and place your order. Then you can pick it up when it is ready! It’s a convenient feature.

This is a nice sit down or carry out locally-owned ice cream parlor and more. Head to Burlington Scoop in Burlington, Indiana to try it for yourself! At the time of this writing, they lack a Facebook Page and a website. If that changes, please leave the links in the comments below and I will add them in.

Have you visited this cute small town ice cream parlor? What’s your favorite item on the menu? Please leave your response in the comments section below so everyone knows what to get next time!

The Burlington Scoop
613 S Michigan Street
Burlington, IN 46915

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