Celebration in Art: Presented by the Weekly Special

Celebration in Art: Presented by the Weekly Special

It seems as though every Little Indiana trip results in the discovery of a small gallery here or an art display there or, when I’m really lucky, I find the studio of an Indiana artist. I love seeing creativity in motion like that. There is no shortage of incredible Indiana art.

Fortunately, so many of the places I travel have provided a way for the public to view their local artists, whether there is a downtown gallery, library displays, or in the front windows of a small business. Now, WTIU is providing a different kind of an outlet for Hoosier talent–Celebration in Art: Presented by the Weekly Special.

The Weekly Special should, I hope, sound familiar to all of you–it’s the same program that airs the Little Indiana segments that I am sure you watch, enjoy, share, and then add those destinations to your Indiana travel plans, right? I’ll pretend I see your head nodding. Well, this time, the fine folks at WTIU will be focusing on Hoosier artists from around the state.

The big premiere airs November 27 at 6:30 PM. Do check your local listings as the Weekly Special airs statewide and showtimes may vary depending on where you live. You can bet I’ll be using our Roku to hop on and see it.

These artists greatly differ from one another. There’s everything from stone carving to Raku ceramics to willow basket weaving and origami. As “they” like to say, “You will not believe your eyes.” It’s one incredibly talented artist after another…after another…after another.

The Weekly Special has shared a rundown of the artists. I’ve tracked down links to their personal pages, so you can get a closer look at their work in anticipation of the show. Featured artists include:

  • Nashville fiber artist Daren Redman, who designs, hand dyes, and paints her own fabric to create vivid outdoor installations.
  • Goshen’s Viki Graber, who learned willow basket weaving from her father as a child. Today, she carries on her family’s tradition, but with an artistic twist.
  • First-generation woodworker and Seymour resident Pete Baxter, who specializes in the artistic traditions of the Shaker community.
  • Chaz Kaiser of Batesville, who after working for 20 years as a welder, became an artist and gained national recognition for his metal sculptures.
  • Christine Davis of Fishers, who uses an unpredictable glazing process called Raku to create striking color combinations “at the whim of the Raku god” on her ceramic art.
  • Terre Haute’s Bill Wolfe, whose stunning, life-size bronze sculptures can be seen throughout the country.
  • Bloomington’s Jiangmei Wu, who after learning the delicate art of origami as a child, set upon a path of combining folded paper with extraordinary interior design.
  • Sayaka Ganz of Fort Wayne, who creates large-scale animalistic sculptures out of reclaimed plastic.
  • Michael Duff, owner of Berg Bows in Bloomington, who uses scientific research and state-of-the-art technology to develop the highest quality bows.
  • Limestone carver William Galloway of Bedford, whose work can be seen at the iconic Times Square Building and the National Cathedral.

Of course, you know what I will say next, right? Why not plan a trip to one of these Indiana destinations for those artists that have a dedicated studio space? You’ll love what you can find. Art makes a great holiday gift–right alongside a great book about Indiana travel, ahem (affiliate link) Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations.

Mark November 27 down on your calendar. See Indiana artists and artisans and prepare to be proud of your state all over again. Enjoy the show!