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Gluten Free Snacks Bakery on Main Granola

Gluten Free Snacks Bakery on Main Granola

We have dabbled in gluten-free items, my husband and I. We went a whole month last year without ingesting gluten–and it was so, so hard finding good recipes and snacks.

It wasn’t hard just because I adore bread sandwiches, as in bread topped with bread, or because I continued to make the typical family-friendly foods that our kids are used to, but because gluten-free snacks and meals sometimes lack that certain something. Wait, I know what it is…taste! Not so with this selection of gluten-free products just in time for Celiac Awareness Month. Whether it is the month of May or not, anyone wanting to turn to something healthy (and delicious) need look no farther than right here.

Our reasons for trying gluten-free might be different from yours. I had read that gluten can cause inflammation. So, anyone experiencing chronic pain could give gluten-free a go and then see how things went. I had broken a toe a couple years ago, yes, right after I made fun of my husband for smacking his foot into the VERY SAME thing that I did not even five minutes later. I guess that’s what I get! Anyway, every time it was going to rain, it would ache. It was a kind of ache that wouldn’t end. On the one hand, it was great to know when the weather was going to change, on the other hand, who likes constant pain? The gluten-free test worked for us. My toe no longer predicts the weather, I’m happy to report. We have long since gone back to gluten-filled products but after learning about these yummy snacks, there are still times we turn to gluten-free foods just because it’s good. That’s something that can’t be said about gluten-free items every day!

These items in particular stand out. They have texture and taste and plenty of variety! Best of all, they aren’t hard to find. I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine has.

Celiac Awareness Month Gluten-Free Snacks

Delicious Gluten Free Pizza

Delicious Gluten Free Pizza by Smart Flour Foods

Smart Flour Foods Pizza —  What do you do when you find a fantastic gluten free pizza crust at a local restaurant? You bring it into the retail space so everyone can enjoy it! If you have ever tried a gluten-free pizza, you might have had a lackluster experience. The crust is…well, it’s just bland. Until we tried the gluten-free frozen pizza from Smart Flour Foods! It has taste AND texture! With its ancient grain flour blend and use of uncured, nitrite-free meats, it’s the first frozen pizza you can feel good about feeding your family! There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We have tried uncured pepperoni, the garden margharita pizza, and the classic cheese. It’s all good! I’ve heard they sell the crusts separately which is sure to make any celiac sufferer very happy.

Bakery on Main’s Gluten-Free Granola — My husband would prefer that I lie and pretend the chocolate granola is the worst thing ever so that there is always enough for him, but I just couldn’t do that to you! Kidding aside, I admit I would have hidden this one if I had known it was going to be that incredible! We’ve tried other flavors (like Extreme Fruit & Nut, Chocolate Peppermint, Nutty Cranberry Maple, and Rainforest Banana Nut granola), and they are all very good, but there’s something about the chocolate granola that just gets me right here. It was love at first bite. I love the story behind this company, too. It began as a small bakery that specialized in natural foods. The founder of the Glastonbury, Connecticut shop, Bakery on Main’s Michael Smulders, heard Celiac customers lament the lack of good gluten-free products. And so began his quest to bring good gluten-free options to all! Yeah, he succeeded.

The Gluten Free Bar — I love how this company began: two celiac brothers working together! Now they craft all-natural, fiber-filled products that are additive free! They are vegan-friendly and kosher–and developed by a pastry chef! How’s that for ensuring good taste? My husband really enjoys these protein bars. Like many other protein bars, these don’t use soy or whey. Instead, they use pea protein and protein taken from brown rice! I hadn’t heard of it either but there’s 10-12 grams of protein in one bar. I was surprised to find that I liked them. I think he was disappointed to learn that I liked them too! Chewy on the inside but with a slightly crunchy exterior to add a little interest, it was a satisfying snack. They are easy to throw in a bag for our bicycling trips.

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Gluten Free Bar

Gluten Free Bar (Image Provided)

Find these at a local grocery store near you. Don’t see it in your gluten-free aisle? Simply ask your grocery shop if they will start carrying it. Everyone deserves a tasty snack that won’t make them sick. I hope you enjoy a few of our new favorites.

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