Noble Bikes and the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

Noble Bikes and the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

Noble Bikes at the Canal in Delphi, Indiana is a great place to play.

With bicycles and paddle boats to rent, this Carroll County bike shop is a leisurely way to explore the Wabash and Eerie Canal pathways and get in a little family bonding time, too!

Noble Bikes at the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

little Indiana and family love bike riding. I fit in a bike ride as often as I can–with or without my husband, Jeremy, and the kids.

When we happened upon Noble Bikes in this small Indiana town, well, talk about a scenic route! Paths lope right along with the peaceful Wabash and Eerie Canal.

They’ve got so many bikes so a whole mess of people can be out and about exploring without a lot of waiting around. Or you can do what we did–we rented a bike that could fit all four of us!

Delphi, Indiana Bicycle Rentals

Noble Bikes and the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

Noble Bikes and the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

My husband and I sat with baby in his car seat between us. Kid #1 thought he was big stuff sitting in a seat attached to the front.

You can easily make your husband do the majority of pedaling while you pretend to pedal and enjoy the ride. Not that I would, but you could, if you needed to. More than four of you? There’s also bigger bikes and single bikes and bikes for little kids and bicycles built for two as well as paddle boats and kayaks! With the baby along we haven’t been able to play in the paddle boats yet but I really can’t wait to give them a whirl!

I’d love to toodle along the canal in a paddle boat! Would that be fun or what? Since the canal is only a few feet deep, even the less fearless among you can paddle away with ease after a visit to this Indiana bike shop.

The more serious outdoorsy type among you can play at the speed that you want. You know, if paddle boats just aren’t hardcore enough for you.

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Noble Bikes and the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

Noble Bikes and the Canal in Delphi, Indiana

If the thought of Delphi’s restaurants and awesome Indiana antique shops aren’t enough to get you and yours out to Delphi, Indiana, then I hope that the prospect of outdoor fun in the form of Noble Bikes certainly will!

Noble Bikes at the Canal is a great way to see a different side of this unique Indiana town.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Noble Bikes and Concessions
1030 N Washington Street
Delphi, Indiana 46923

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