Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana

We couldn’t wait for the Guided House and Farm Tour at Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana  to begin!

As you may have guessed by looking at the image to the left, this bustling Nappanee, Indiana icon holds an actual home and barn as well as other remnants of late 1800’s Amish life. Anyone who has ever loved peeking into other’s homes, or are curious about Amish life during that time period, will particularly enjoy this tour.

Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana

Three generations of family once lived at the old Stahly-Nissley_Kuhns homestead and farm. It was built by the first Amish settlers in the state. According to the Amish Acres website:

Barbara Stahly brought her sons to Elkhart County in 1839. By 1873 Barbara’s son Christian had purchased land for his son Moses to begin clearing the land and farming the soil.

It’s an educational and insightful look at what daily Amish life used to look like. You’ll get a bit of family history and details about how the Amish regarded certain “newfangled” trends of the day. In many ways, it hasn’t changed. The house and farm retain much of their original details and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They are the only Old Order Amish farm on the list.

The buildings dotted around the pond have been relocated from other Amish area farms.

Nappanee, Indiana Old Order Amish

Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres Home and Farm Tour in Nappanee, Indiana

Summer kitchen, drying room, and more await  you on this working farm. There’s loads of animals milling around (like bunnies and chickens) as well as larger animals like horses also on the grounds.

One foot inside the 1873 built home and you can’t help but appreciate modern conveniences. At Amish Acres they have seasonal demonstrations that include making lye soap and candle dipping (to name a few).

Walking around inside the Nappanee home, you may bump into the quilt-maker at Amish Acres. Joy has made more than 500 quilts in thirty years–and she’s not done yet. While she’s working on her latest quilt creation, she happily welcomes questions from tour guests.

Amish in Indiana

Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana

Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana

We learned a lot on this tour. It’s an interesting peek way back in Indiana history and into the life of the Old Order Amish.

For example, did you know that Amish adults do not use buttons or even zippers? They hold their clothes on with straight pins. Yeeouch!

There are things that have changed. For example, some Amish have been able to have photos of their grandchildren. They don’t plaster them over every surface like we do, we have been told, but they still have them in some settlements.

It all depends on the Bishop and what the Bishop deems acceptable. That can include curtains, too.

If you want to learn more about that, read about the Old Order Amish here.

Since you have seen how the Amish lived, you might as well eat like the Amish, too. Sit down for the Amish-style Threshers Dinner–just save some room for the delicious pie.

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Amish Acres Guided Home and Farm Tour
1234 West Market Street
Nappanee, IN 46550

Thanks again to Elkhart County and Amish Acres for the comped tour. Opinions, as always, are mine and mine alone.

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