Off of Indianapolis Boulevard/US 41 South in Schererville, Indiana there’s a great find that will impress your kids: JAK’S Warehouse, a unique indoor play zone for any age. Tip – make sure the kids wear closed athletic shoes. Some of the attractions require it.

JAK’S Warehouse in Schererville, Indiana

JAKS Warehouse in Schereville, Indiana Interior

JAKS Warehouse in Schereville, Indiana Interior

Even I was enchanted when we walked into this Lake County attraction the first time and saw the gigantic games and sky-high activities. The walls are painted with sharp graphics and the layout has a “warehouse” feel to it.

One cool thing I like is how they keep track of the kid’s activities. You can either purchase play bands which includes access to the different attractions or you can get prepaid JAK’S cards with a points system.

Laser tag upstairs is on the top of the list for my nine year old son and I had a lot of fun, too! The arena is all in black light and you can dash behind different walls throughout to take aim while trying to avoid being hit.

For my seven year old daughter, the games were number one. They have tons of games like a huge Connect 4, Fruit Ninja touch screens, a row of basketball hoops games, and even a crane game with carnival-sized stuffed figures.

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JAKS Warehouse in Schereville, Indiana Sky Trail

JAKS Warehouse in Schereville, Indiana Sky Trail

For the brave, there’s a unique attraction called Sky Trail, where you’re attached to a rope that follows you along overhead as you climb their 4 story course of ropes and bars. Even I had a couple parts I couldn’t bring myself to do–like climb across a single rope 3 stories up! There’s also a mini version for the younger crowd.

Laser Maze is another fun attraction where you feel like a spy entering a laser protected area in a museum or a bank as they do in the movies. They have different difficulty levels so you can try harder mazes as you become more stealth.

For the little ones, there’s Ballocity, another of JAK’S 4-story tall attractions. Kids have a blast climbing, sliding and launching foam balls.

JAK’S Warehouse has other attractions like the indoor go-karts sponsored by local and national businesses so you feel like a real racer, unusual glowing bumper cars that you steer with a stick and another black light activity–Urban Golf, a 9-hole mini golf course.

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JAKS Warehouse in Schereville, Indiana Exterior

JAKS Warehouse in Schereville, Indiana Exterior

Be sure to try some of their food in their Forklift Operators Union café upstairs while you’re there. I’ve tried the pizza and the hamburger and both were delicious. I had a friend who had the chicken wrap–it was huge, and she thought it was very good, too.

Make your kids’ day and take them out for a day of fun – and wear them out in the process.

Stay on top of the latest events, specials, and all of the good times by following JAK’S Warehouse on Facebook.

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Don’t just live in the city–explore it. THIS is Big City, Little Indiana.

JAK’S Warehouse
221 Indianapolis Blvd.
Schererville, IN 46375
Monday – Thursday: 3 PM – 10 PM
Friday: 3 PM – 11 PM
Saturday: 10 AM- 11 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM
Always call ahead to verify store hours before making a special trip. They DO occasionally close for private parties and may have seasonal hours.

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