It’s not too late in the season to take a comfortable stroll through the beautiful green forested path that is McVey Memorial Forest in Farmland, Indiana. This gorgeous area is part public park and part animal sanctuary.

McVey Memorial Forest in Farmland, Indiana

McVey Memorial Forest in Farmland, Indiana

McVey Memorial Forest in Farmland, Indiana

We’ve got the geocaching bug and were eager to find a couple of geocaches in and around McVey Memorial Forest. They were impossible to find. We searched high and low. Where in the world was the geocache?

Although we left empty-handed (we definitely weren’t dressed appropriately for heavy duty trail walking) we did enjoy the lovely view. It was so worth it. There’s a very long trail that begins near the covered picnic area and takes you on quite a trek before you even get to the forested part of things. That was fun.

It’s so well-kept that it’s easy walking for even the youngest member of our family. The boys were able to race ahead while in plain view of us. Then they would race back again, laughing and giggling all the way. After our busy trip spent exploring small Indiana towns, though, he was pretty worn out and wanted a boost for a short part of the way. We were all dragging a bit by the end.

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McVey Memorial Forest in Farmland, Indiana

McVey Memorial Forest in Farmland, Indiana

After lots of walking down a very nice grassy path, we were surprised to get to a bridge in the more forested section of the trail.

The boys thought that was pretty neat. We couldn’t help but agree. We stood at the bridge and lingered for a minute, partly because it was beautiful, and partly because we needed a mini break. Trees, water, and a bridge–how scenic. Who knew that it turned into something so lush and forested? It was a wonderfully surprising trail in every respect.

What you can’t really see is how this Indiana trail gets very small and a bit overgrown just after the bridge. That was the point when we had to call it quits. Is that even still a trail? We had no idea. I admit that we were all a bit bummed out about it but we just weren’t up for that kind of expedition after our bustling travels.

Now that you know about the change in trail conditions, you can arrive prepared and ready.

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Pull on those comfortable walking shoes, grab your water, bug spray, and a snack, and take off on the lengthy though lovely trail in McVey Memorial Forest. When you are done, you can picnic in the lovely public park area of this Randolph County attraction. Maybe you will have better luck at finding the geocache than we were.

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McVey Memorial Forest
7399 North State Road 1
Farmland, IN 47340

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