Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana is an incredibly peaceful place to sip a selection of Indiana wines.

Tucked high up in the hills, with a view 300 feet up overlooking the Ohio River, and multi-leveled decks–it’s hard to tear yourself away!

Cannelton, Indiana: Blue Heron Winery

Gary and Lynn met us at their gorgeous Southern Indiana winery. Lynn knew we had a bit of a drive behind us and had a fantastic hummus dip ready and waiting. Oh, wow was that incredible! It was just what I needed after sitting behind the wheel for more hours than I care to remember!

A very nice couple, Gary and Lynn shared their story. They both have a background in education. Before retiring, Gary was the Education Administrator at Branchville Correctional Center. Lynn is an artist. After teaching art for more than thirty years, she has turned her focus toward the winery.

Although Lynn is the artist (and you can find her fantastic works up for sale in the shop), Gary also has an artsy side as shown by his hand-carved wooden walking sticks. In fact, this is the property where Gary grew up!

Indiana Winery

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana Hummus

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana Hummus

Sometimes I think we forget just how diverse the terrain can be when you are driving around and exploring Indiana. It’s a rugged climb but that Perry County view…it’s unforgettable!

What else is unforgettable? Enjoying it with a great glass of Indiana wine! Blue Heron Wine! Specializing in American and French-American grapes: Chambourcin, Fredonia, and Marechal Foch. With just under a dozen wines for sale, there’s something to fit every taste at Blue Heron Winery.

Dry wine lovers will enjoy the two different versions of Twin Towers Red as well as Prime 23. Medium-dry tasters will find 23 Degrees and Hoosier Red. Both are really great…but my favorite leaned toward the Sweet category of wine this time! They like to say that they have sweet wines, but they are not too sweet. If I liked them, I am positive that you will too.

There’s two varieties of On Deck Red, as well as one type of On Deck White. You’ll find Constitution and Four Stars (so named for the four family members that were or are currently serving in the military). I admit, Four Stars is my new favorite! It’s a blueberry wine made from local grapes and natural juices. It’s also incredible to sip and savor. But I’ve got a general fondness for blueberry wine. Let’s just recap a moment, shall we?

They have even made a video to highlight their winery.

Dry Wines at Blue Heron Winery include:

Twin Towers Red (red cap)
Twin Towers Red (silver cap)
Prime 23 (black cap)

Medium Wines at Blue Heron Winery include:

23 Degrees
Prime 23 (gold cap)
Hoosier Red

Sweet Wines at Blue Heron Winery include:
On Deck Red (blue capsule)
On Deck Red (gold capsule)
On Deck White
Four Blue Stars

Blue Heron Winery is carrying other products besides wines. You already know about Lynn’s art and Gary’s walking sticks. They also carry art from  Indiana artists like sculptor Greg Harris of Tell City, pottery by Nita Claise of Tell City, paintings and drawings by Laurie Dinkel and Yellowbanks Pottery of Selvin, IN, and watercolor prints by Jon Fuches of Evansville.

Now they also bottle their own family recipe for Blue Heron Steak Sauce (served at nearby (delicious) Rocky Point’s Waterfront Grille Restaurant).

Find Skinner’s Salves, a product that works wonders on cuts, scrapes, and bug bites. There’s plenty of other gift items located inside.

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Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indianav

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana View of the Ohio River

Get out and admire the view (and the wines) at Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana. We haven’t seen anything like it yet!

Hoosiers are doing very amazing things with wine. One taste and you are sure to agree.

For the latest doings, follow Blue Heron Winery on Facebook.

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Blue Heron Winery
5330 Blue Heron Lane
Cannelton, Indiana 47520

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