You actually did it…you found a Christmas Tree Farm in a small town, you snagged the perfect tree, and now that you have it home, you have no idea what to do with it!  I spoke with several Christmas Tree Farm owners all over the state who shared their best tips for keeping your fresh cut tree looking it’s best all season long!

How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

Clearview Family Christmas Tree Farm shared this unusual tip: When you first bring home the tree, cut about How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh and Living to Christmas1/2” off the base then drill holes into the side of the tree below the waterline.  Fill the reservoir with warm water and 4 aspirin.  The aspirin acts like a blood thinner and helps the creosote thin out so water will absorb better and faster.

Sickel Tree Farms also says to use warm tap water the first time to help get the sap flowing again. Be sure to keep your Christmas Tree watered through the whole season…a tree will drink more than you think it will, a tree 4” in diameter will drink about a gallon of water a day!

Guse Tree Farms say to first use very hot scalding water. From then on, keep your tree watered and never let it get dry or the sap will cover the bottom of the tree and it won’t take up water.

Evans Whispering Pines recommends: Make sure that it is not in a room where there is a fireplace or wood burning stove and that it is not directly by a register in a ceiling or a floor. If you close it off, that’s fine, otherwise it will dry out the tree!

Kingma Christmas Trees adds: If you did not cut your tree fresh, saw off 1/2” from the bottom, put it in hot water first, then keep it watered. Do not let it go dry! The hot water will open the pores and as long as you keep water in the tree stand, the pores will not close over.

Hensler Nursery had a slightly different take: fresh water. They don’t recommend any additives.

Anyone else have to buy new ones each year?  UGH!

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