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Creating Community

Denise Austin’s Ten Week, 360 Plan

Denise Austin's 10 Week, 360 Plan

Denise Austin released her 10 Week, 360* Plan featuring workouts, recipes, motivation, and community support. You won't be going it alone: I'm joining in!

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Indiana INTERNnet: A Small Business Solution!

Indiana INTERNnet Internship Information

I recently attended a talk about Indiana INTERNnet, a state-wide internship matching program. Not knowing what to expect, I took a break from editing little Indiana THE BOOK and headed to Saint Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana to hear from a variety of speakers about Indiana INTERNnet.

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Hodson’s Market in Converse CLOSED

Hodson's Market in Converse, Indiana

For the generations that pushed carts down the aisles and listened to the wheels thunking against the wood floor at Hodson's Market in Converse, Indiana...

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Thoughts on Selling Our Home/Annual Neighborhood Block Party & Circus!

Neighborhood Block Party and Circus in Rensselaer, Indiana

Living in town has been quite an experience. For some, they can't imagine how it could be appealing but those of you here in town KNOW. If I hadn't felt so connected, so grounded, and so appreciative of my neighborhood and the people in it, there would not be a little Indiana. It's only by being surrounded by people who care, home owners and apartment renters alike, that made ME care.

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Happy Birthday to “Mr. little Indiana”

I guess I haven’t really mentioned it on here before, at least, not in an article. But today, May 16, my husband, Jeremiah Nunemaker, was born! Although you know I handle the little Indiana stuff, he’s got an important role in this little Indiana thing too (and it’s more than just testing baked goods). Happy Birthday to “Mr. little Indiana” Jeremiah ...

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How To Use Pinterest for Planning Your Indiana Trip

Indiana Town Boards on Pinterest

Did you know that you can easily use Pinterest to help plan your next Indiana trip? Remembering where to go and what you wanted to do is so easy--and it all starts with little Indiana.

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I Chopped Off My Hair and Donated it to Locks of Love

Donating Hair to Locks of Love

THIS is my year of service. This is the year I let go of stupid selfish tendencies. This is the year I make a conscious effort to radically love. It's why I gave a stranger a ride and lived to tell the tale! I received such wonderful emails after that one, I decided to continue to document my journey in the hopes that it will serve to inspire others.

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I Gave a Stranger a Ride and Lived to Tell the Tale

Be The Change

This is my Year of Service. The year I finally step outside of my comfort zone and strive for radical, intentional love.

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Small Business Saturday: Free Printable

Small Business Saturday Printable

What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a free Small Business Saturday printable?

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Midwest Cultural Tourism Conference in Bloomington, Indiana

Midwest Cultural Tourism Conference and Jessica Nunemaker

It made perfect sense to accept the opportunity to present at the Midwest Cultural Tourism Conference in Bloomington, Indiana.

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