That Book Place in Madison, Indiana

Jessica Nunemaker “Little Indiana” at That Book Place in Madison, Indiana

That Book Place in Madison, Indiana is a used book lover’s dream. Rows of shelving bumps tightly against the walls. Shelves span the middle of the store. What’s on them?

Adventure, anime, fantasy, science fiction, cookbooks, crafts, children’s–they sit on those shelves, as well as in stacks, and inside boxes. You just never know what you will find inside this Madison, Indiana bookstore. That’s just part of the fun, though, right?

Awesome Author Fair at That Book Place

Author Red Tash at That Book Place Author Fair in Madison, Indiana

Author Red Tash at That Book Place Author Fair in Madison, Indiana

We had the excellent good luck of catching That Book Place during their annual Author Fair. What an event! Ah, these small town mom and pop shops. They are always surprising me with their greatness.

The Author Fair was a big deal. There were so many genres represented–and probably some new ones, too. There’s a lot of works that weren’t quite horror, or weren’t quite romance, or weren’t quite…whatever, but had a line in-between somewhere, bits of crossing over, jumbled up bits that just work. That was interesting. We picked up a few good reads ourselves.

I had the chance to meet Indiana authors like Red Tash, Marian AllenJohn F. Allen, Eric Garrison, and R.J. Sullivan. I’ve included a list to their books below.

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So much talent in one place! It was really fun. There’s nothing like meeting the author behind a book. Plus, when you attend an Author Fair like the one at That Book Place, you can have them sign your purchase! Someday, when they are all rich and famous, I will then have books with signatures that I can flaunt, and say, “I met them years ago.”

Madison, Indiana Bookstore

Author Marian Allen at That Book Place Author Fair in Madison, Indiana

Author Marian Allen at That Book Place Author Fair in Madison, Indiana

Many of the authors had little things to hand out that jived with their genre or books. Red Tash had mustaches–we made the youngest wear one. I love that age. They are always up for anything.

We wandered around the author’s booths, chatting and laughing, and making new friends.

Then, we headed inside of That Book Place. I love how there is a wall on a shelf covered in nothing but regional author’s books. That’s really what helps set this bookshelf apart. They promote their own.

Changes for That Book Place

Fun buttons at That Book Place Author Fair in Madison, Indiana

Fun buttons at That Book Place Author Fair in Madison, Indiana

That Book Place began in 2006, started the Author Fair as part of a book sale event to celebrate their fifth anniversary in 2011, and have continued it each year. It’s grown amazingly well as word has spread from author to author and customer to customer.

They switched locations, expanded their offerings, and just keep growing. In 2010, they branched out again, this time in creating their own small press, Hydra Publications. As an independent publisher, they are dealing primarily with Speculative Fiction, like Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy.

Since the time I originally wrote this article, That Book Place has closed the bookstore portion. They have taken things in a new direction. From what I have heard they are focusing solely on their small press. You can follow Hydra Publications on Facebook.

They currently have the following authors on board:

Tony Acree
Lyndi Alexander
Dave Creek
Steven Donahue
Desiree Finkbeiner
Joanna Foreman
Eric Garrison
Pete Giglio
James C. Gillen
Mellisa Goodman
Rachael Hunter
Linda Wulf Koenig
Kate Lynd
Rebekah McAuliffe
Samuel Miller
Morinda Montgomery
Bill Noel
James Peercy
Rachael Lanham Rawlings
Nigel Anthony Sellars
Stuart Thaman
Michael G. Wallace
Tom Wallace
Stephen Zimmer

However, they have NOT abandoned the annual Author Fair! You may look for that each year. Keep up with the That Book Place website, linked below, for the details.

To see what this former Madison bookstore is cooking up next, follow That Book Place on Facebook.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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That Book Place
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Madison, Indiana 47250

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